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Malcolm likes people and politics. After college, he went to work for his local state Senator where he serves as a community liaison and heads a political youth group. Thankful for his fortunate upbringing, Malcolm is determined to provide others the same opportunities through the political process.  As an aspiring statesman, Malcolm sees this trip as a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about the shared values of American Millennials.

will bio



Will is employed by one of the country’s largest healthcare IT firms.  In the course of his work, he has traveled to U.S. helping clinicians and learning about the communities they serve.  Inspired by these experiences, Will looks forward to meeting people outside the healthcare industry and hopefully inspiring a new vision of how we think about each other as Americans.

matt bio


Matt works for the ABC News affiliate in Los Angeles, writing stories for their daily newscasts. Although he currently works in an office, Matt is no stranger to road trips.  In college, he was on the road for weeks at a time with his a Capella group, singing to retirement homes and sororities across the country.  Matt is excited to create stories of his own as he shares tales with people he meets along the way.

phil bio



Phil works for an economic consulting firm, where he makes use of his love for numbers.  Since economics is, above all else, a data driven study of society, Phil considers this trip the academic exploration of a lifetime.  He is excited to venture beyond the only state he has ever called home, and explore the cultural intricacies of our great nation.

1 Response to Meet the Crew

  1. Beth says:


    This is SO supremely cool I can hardly stand it. What an amazing journey! Good thing I didn’t know about this before you left, or I ‘may’ have begged you to let your old hippie auntie join you (seriously, you could have tied me to the roof) AND You guys are coming to Texas!!! Any idea when you might be here? We are traveling to the Bay area in September (tentatively) & will be in Colorado in August & we don’t want to miss you! I see you’re hitting Houston (ya sure? Kidding…sort of) & Austin (if you guys have never been you will LOVE Austin & I know your cousins will be stoked!). Would LOVE to have you in Boerne at least for a night, but totally respect your schedule so we may just need to stalk you (I mean take you all to dinner) in Austin. Hey, let me know when you’ll be in Boston too! Bummer we just sold our home in Concord or you guys could have crashed there. My nephew & his wife live in the Back Bay & I’m sure would be thrilled give you some tips on hot spots or show you the town. Treasure every singly solitary moment of your adventure!

    Love you tons,

    Aunt Beth


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