About the Trip

Hello — We are Malcolm, Matt, Phil, and Will, and we’re taking a road trip across America for 75 days, covering approximately 9,000 miles. We are four friends who grew up in the same town and have known each other since middle school. While traveling on our road trip across America we are talking to members of the Millennial generation, i.e. “millennials” (young people approximately ages 18-35). This means approaching strangers during our stops (see “The Route”) all over the country and interviewing them. We are  documenting these discussions with pictures, videos, audio recordings, and blog posts located here on our website as well as on our social media accounts (Instagram/Twitter: @Millennial_USA, Facebook.com/millennialusa).
All too often millennials are characterized by statistics and opinions of other generations. We want to go to the source and find out what the real-life manifestation of those statistics and stereotypes actually is. Although this project may not be statistically significant, we look forward to the face-to-face interactions as we connect with other members of our generation.


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