Captain’s Log – Portland, OR Part II


Multnomah Falls, Oregon

We have reached Seattle.  Yesterday, we followed the Willamette River out of Portland to it’s mother source – the mighty Columbia River.  The Columbia lies to the northeast of Portland and runs east to west.  Near the city, its banks are peppered with colorful floating house communities whose dock porches rest mere feet above the river.  As you continue east, luscious green walls of rock and forest begin to rise up and the landscape is breathtaking.  We visited the beautiful Multnomah falls and took the hike to take if you’re in the area.  Oneonta Gorge is striking and although climbing over fallen trees and putting your pack above your head to wade through frigid water up to your chest is required, the waterfall at the end is a just reward.

We then headed off to Washington.  The Columbia turns north above Portland and we continued to follow it as it runs along the 5 – a much more pleasant experience than the dirt and cow manure that characterizes the 5 in Central California.  We arrived at Will’s father’s place and took our Chief Officer (Will) out to dinner for his birthday at Brimmer and Heeltap in the Fremont district – it’s recommended.  We discussed how the reality of our journey has yet to set in – it’s day 4 of 75, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what’s in store – and what exactly that will be is still unclear.

Today we venture out into Settle to meet some of the local residents – first stop, Pike Place Market.  Onward and upward.

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