Captain’s Log – Vancouver, BC Canada

Crossing the border

Crossing the border

We set out to explore Vancouver yesterday.  Yes, we are aware that this project is called Millennial USA, but as a Canadian half-blood and with Malcolm’s family right over in Richmond, BC (a suburb of “Van City”), we figured a quick check-in with our friendly neighbors to the north was in order.  We first set off towards the University of British Columbia (UBC).  UBC is a huge campus that enriches the minds of just under 50,000 students and it’s location – on the tip of an outcropping into the Straight of Georgia – couldn’t be more picturesque.  We toured the campus and snagged a couple interviews with some unfortunate summer session attendees before heading to the city center.  We grabbed some lunch near the city center where our fun and hilarious waitress recommended we check out the nude beach near UBC campus – our second such recommendation of the day.  While we didn’t make it, she said that it was a place where we could, “find everything under the sun” so if your in the area and that’s your fancy – check it out for us!

Life guard on duty - Stanley Park, Vancouver

Life guard on duty – Stanley Park, Vancouver

Stanley Park lies on the northwest corner of the peninsula that houses downtown Vancouver.  It’s a densely forested park surrounded on three sides by water.  The path known as the Sea Wall runs the perimeter of the park (approximately five miles – or nine or so kilometers) and countless other trails snake through the middle.  We took the Sea Wall around to the Lions Gate Bridge – essentially a sickly, green cousin of the mighty Golden Gate – and then veered into the park and stopped at Beaver Lake.  At this point, our parking meter was nearing expiration and we took an impromptu jog through the remainder of the park.

That evening, we were graced with another great dinner with the Freys – yes, we’ve hardly been roughing it thus far – and they shared some more tales about stand-offs with Grizzlies and stays with Inuit chiefs.  Hearing stories from this well traveled couple was pretty inspiring as young, aspiring adventurer.  We then worked on putting together some footage and getting packed up for our long drive today.

This morning, we awoke around 6:00 AM and headed towards Glacier National Park – an ambitious, borderline foolish undertaking.  The approximately 14 hour drive (although we aren’t there yet) took us to Hope, BC, wound through the Cascades, along mountain streams lined with purple and yellow wildflowers, over the border and into Washington, past the spectacular Coulee Dam, and into the eastern Washington hub of Spokane.  This is where we are now, and where we are going to supply up.  We will be arriving at our campsite well after dark and will likely be off the grid through the weekend as we camp in Glacier and then Yellowstone National Parks.  See you on the other side.  Onward and upward.

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  1. David R. Busse says:

    On your way to Glacier, hang out for at least a night or two in Whitefish MT–and I recommend some time at the Great Northern Bar & Grill . They still talk about the night Springsteen walked in and played with the house band.


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